1) Certification application and contract

- If there is a certification application, customer supporting department shall secure the information needed for writing a quotation.

- Use a questionnaire for this case.

- Shall receive an official application from an applicant.

- Contract

- On-site audit observes the minimum audit days according to 'certification audit days and fee' procedure.

2) Pre - Audit

  • Implemenetation of pre-audit       

- Reconfirmation of audit scope

- Review of QMS management and maintenance activies

  • The audit team leader shall mention the followings

- Situation that may affect audit preparation or potential personnel problem

- Schedule plan for audit preparation

- The issued nonconformities and observations

  • Audit Preparation

- The Certification Management Dept. Manager shall send the monthly audit schedule plan and/or the Audit Plan and the concerned auditor shall confirm the status of interests

- Provided that the Manager does not have any interests with the audit team, the Manager shall send the audit plan to the client prior to 7 days and shall confirm whether receipt has been made and any appeal exists.

- The Manager shall provide the list of audit team member. The period (7 days) shall be provided to oppose the appointment of a specific auditor or technical expert and to reorganize the audit team, when such an opposition is valid. When there is no appeal from the client, the stage 1 audit shall be conducted.

- The audit team leader shall receive details required for audit from the person in charge of certification Management.

4) Stage 1 audit

- Auditing client's management system documents.

- The audit team leader shall verify whether the KMAR audit code recorded on the audit plan is suitable for audit scope, and whether the allocated team is equipped with adequate qualification.

- The audit team leader shall consult external facilities where auditors may tour and visit during an audit.

- Consult the provision of protection harness and health and safety issues that may affect the audit.

- The findings in the stage 1 audit including the identification of concerns that may have a possibility to be categorized into nonconformity in the stage 2 audit shall be drawn up in the Document Review Results and shall be delivered to the client.

- In case of not requiring the document system not documented in the audit-related standard, whether document is or not shall not be pointed out in the stage 1 audit.

5) Stage 2 audit

  • The followings shall be included


- Information and evidence on conformity of all requirements of the concerned management system standard or other criteria documents

- Performance monitoring, measuring and reviewing in comparison with major performance objectives, detailed objectives (In line with the expectations of the concerned management system or other criteria documents)

- Client's management system and performances related to law compliance

- Management of client process management

- Internal audit and management review

- Management policy on the client's policy Normative requirements, policy, performance objectives and detailed objectives, appropriate legal requirements, responsibility,

  • Competence of personnel, management, procedure, performance data and association of internal audit findings with conclusions.
  • Confirmation on the effectiveness of corrective action results of stage 1 audit.
  • Communication during the audit for information, audit process, importance risk, the collected audit evidence, activities, functions, restrictions.

6) Surveillance audit

  • The surveillance audit is a site audit, but there is no need to audit whole system, and shall be planned along with other surveillance activities in order for the certified management system to maintain confidence to continually meet requirements during the period between the recertification audits.
  • After the initial audit before the first recertification audit shall be conducted every 6 months.
  • After the recertification audit shall be 9 months.
  • The essential points may be reviewed;

- Internal audit and management review

- Corrective action taken for the nonconformities found in the previous audit

- Complaints

- Progress of planned activities aiming at continual improvement

  • Control of continual management
  • Review of changes
  • Use of mark
  • Corrective and preventive actionsi. Factors of selected standard

7) Special Audit

- Scope change audit

- Short notice audit (special survillance audit)

8) Recertification Audit

The recertification audit aims to continually confirm conformity and effectiveness of the management system, and continual relevance and applicability of the management system on certification scope.

9) Verification

  • The certification decision and certificate are issued after all the report of audit result shall be submitted to a relevan veto power. The veto power for providing the documents of additional procedure.
  • The veto power signs the approval if the review result is positive

10) Certification registration and certificate issue

- Authorization of certification within 15 days after stage 2 audit.

- In case a contract for use of the certificate and certification logo was made, the certificate with signature shall be sent to the client.

- The effective period shall be 3 years from th edate of certification authorization