Latest news about ISO & KMAR Certification Body


    05-08-2020 // 208 view(s)

    The following article helps you understand correctly and more fully about ISO and ISO certifications.

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  • COVID-19: Addressing Workplace Challenges On World Day For Safety And Health At Work

    22-05-2020 // 314 view(s)

    This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work addresses the COVID-19 pandemic and ISO is right behind the efforts with guidance to help- ISO 45001: 2018 Certification

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  • Preparing for an Audit

    23-04-2020 // 528 view(s)

    Preparing for an audit is a very important step for your organization. The external audit from a 3rd party registrar is the final step before your organization receives certification to ISO 9001.

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  • Food safety management systems ISO 22000:2018

    08-04-2020 // 3,717 view(s)

    ISO 22000:2018, Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain, sets out the requirements for a food safety management system. It defines what an organization must do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food is safe for consumption.

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  • New standard helps SMEs get ahead with ISO 14001

    22-05-2019 // 727 view(s)

    Implementing an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001 might seem like a big task, but that doesn’t mean it is just for the bigger players in the market. Breaking it down into phases is the key.

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  • What is ISO 14001:2015?

    29-01-2019 // 4,428 view(s)

    ISO 14001:2015 certification -An environmental management system helps organizations identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues in a holistic manner

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  • What will be the benefits of using ISO 45001?

    05-01-2019 // 2,277 view(s)

    An ISO 45001 based OH&S management system will enable an organization to improve its OH&S performance

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