Quality Policy

Quality Policy

01 - Quality management:Conduct quality management to ensure impariality,objectivity and quality.

02 - Customer satisfaction:Achieve customer satisfaction through prime customer value creation and services.

03 - Continual growth:Carry out continual growth with development of new growth engine and profitable management.

04 - Ability development:Develop superb abilities via systematic training.


The following shall be implemented so as to achieve this quality policy:

Sharing policy: All KMR constituents shall share the quality management policy by publicizing and training it.

Establishing objectives and tasks: The objectives and strategic tasks for policy achievement shall be established.

Problem confirmation: Objective achievment and strategic task implementation shall be reviewed and problems shall be confimed.

Implementation of countermeasure: The countermeasure of the policy achievement problems shall be implementes and its effect shall be confirmed.

Continual improvemont: The strategy and implementation methods of policy achievement shall be continually improved.